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Six men in suits pretending to break ground with shovels and picks for the rails of a scale railroad, 1925
Hopi Indian boy pretending to use a bow and arrow against a Hopi Indian girl, ca.1901
Predictors Of Pretend Play In Korean-American And Anglo-American Preschool Children
Cultural And Individual Differences In Pretend Play: A Comparison Of Korean- And Anglo-American Preschool Children
A study of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, in prose fiction
Combatting stolen valor
Pretended order: a study of place
Individual differences in preschooler's social pretend play
Role enactment in interactive media: a role-play perspective
Boy diving, Southern California, 1933 [image 1]
Boy playing football, Dicky Jones, California, 1940
Fight scene, Mozambique, ca. 1896-1911
A baby playing at Fushun, China, 1937.
Elwyn Alfred Barron, letter, [no year]-05-12, to Hamlin Garland
Pontiac car and Pennzoil, Southern California, 1926 [image 2]
Pontiac car and Pennzoil, Southern California, 1926 [image 3]
Man giving beggar woman money, Shantou, Guangdong, China, ca.1921-1923
Child's play: designing play spaces that support healthy cognitive development in children
Glossier Chinese regional campaign plan
Woman in bedroom, Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
Black & Harris at service station, Southern California, 1932 [image 5]
Julie Kohl, Julie's Trojan Barrel, Los Angeles, Calif., 1976
Husband & wife in front of home, Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
Photograph album 9, page 42
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