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Home economist at South County Gas Company, Southern California, 1936
Tamil Nadu, India 1988-89. "With 80 students in the class" - A Danish teacher in the Arcot Scho...
Portrait of Mr. Balkin, Southern California, 1935
Music between the lines: how duality informs the artistic process and future of classical music
Football coaches and athletes at a dinner the night before the first University of Southern California - Notre Dame football game at Soldiers Field, Chicago, 1927.
Home economic teacher & Mr. Weaver, Southern California, 1935
Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Weaver in coffee roasting room, Southern California, 1935
Marion Manners at coffee roaster, Southern California, 1935
Miss Edwards does her shopping, Southern California, 1936
"Perferating Pete" and Field Foreman in offices, etc., Southern California, 1936
E.C. Joannes, Southern California, 1934
The new generation on screen: youth cinema and youth culture in South Korea since the 1990s
“Ocean fandom”: what the music industry should learn from Frank Ocean to keep the phenomenon and cultural experience called fandom alive
Real-life head football coaches that acted in the movie "Knute Rockne, All-American" (1940), along with the movie's director, and the actor who played Knute Rockne. Circa 1940 or 1941.
Manager of Ben Hur plant in coffee roasting department with Anna Belle Lee, Mrs. Marion Herbert, and Agnes White, Los Angeles, CA, 1935
Portrait, Mr. Heckman, Southern California, 1935
Calibrating solid phase microextraction passive samplers for the in situ measurement of contaminants in Southern California: comparison to bi-valve bioconcentration
Edge indexing in a grid for highly dynamic virtual environments
A vernacular vanguard: surrealism and the making of American art history
Estimating the fraction of invariable sites in DNA sequences
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1906-08-05, to Zulime Taft Garland and Mary Isabel Garland
This is country music: How Brad Paisley and today's Nashville ain't as far from Hank Williams as you might think
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