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North India. Health work at Narainpur, West Bengal. Poor women and children fetching water for ...
Poor neighborhood in Phnom Penh
America's new poor
Madras, Arcot, South India. From "Mrs. Lazarus' Poor School". Teacher in front of his rented ac...
Poor House, Nagpur, India, ca.1920-1940
Rich and poor school in Muscat. TV.Agriculture Minister's daughter, th. girl from a poor home. ...
Madras, South India. From the report by Missionary Knud Heiberg: The Mrs Lazarus Poor School. I...
Poor house, India, ca.1920-1940
Madras, South India. From dedication of Lazarus Poor School at the Elephant Gate, 22nd March 19...
Essays on health economics
Student teachers of the summer school for poor children, Yenching University, Beijing, China, 1928
Mental Health First
Children are working under poor conditions at the many carpet factories around Nepal.
Essays in empirical health economics
Collection from waste sites - a way of life for many poor people. The missionaries' tasks inclu...
The effectiveness of geriatric health screening in a veteran population
The impact of public expenditures on health care on total health expenditures: an exploratory analysis of selected OECD countries
Three essays on health economics
A dental health curriculum for the secondary school.
Immigrant health in context: a communication ecology approach to understanding health behavior
Mission for children in India. Slides 1990, "When I was blessed by an elephant". Although poor ...
Danish Santal Mission, Bangladesh, 1983. Children from the poor village named Rodoil, near Sara...
Gateway to health:  A course in health and family life for secondary schools.
The Arukah Project: collaborating with the Church to improve African American mental health
A health education course of study for the ninth grade.
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