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The bookshop in Aden, reopened on 11th September 1970 (Mubarak in the middle)
Economic factors contributing to political progress illustrated by the history of certain nations
Gert Eilertsen. Sent as DMS volunteer to the Family Bookshop Group (FBG) in Oman, The Middle Ea...
"East is red": a musical rarometer for cultural revolution politics and culture
Family Bookshop. Mazooma left another employee in the middle and to the right bookstore manager...
[Young boys in rows in the middle of shrubs]
To tell what the eye beholds: a post 1945 transnational history of Afro-Arab “solidarity politics”
Essays on political economy of privatization
Middle-class Chinese, Sichuan, ca.1895-1910.
Jørgen Fruergaard Lauridsen, DMS (the East Mission)
From sports event in Kwantien, 1927. Kwantien Middle School participants
Ger community in the middle of the capital Ulaanbaatar
Population changes and economic welfare
Middle School classes in girls' school in Sweihwafu. The three in the middle of the front row a...
MSc in Economics. William Raae, cashier of DMS 11.01.1967 - 1978
Representatives 1978: Karen Berntsen, P. Breiner Henriksen and economics manager Preben Larsen
The churches in Tanzania often are very modest because of the economic conditions. 1997
Churches Meeting in Hebron. Verner Tranholm-Mikkelsen sits in the middle and to his left sits G...
The missionary nurse at work. East Greenland
The role of government in economic growth
East Greenlanders from Scoresby Sund, 1930
Middle section of Lienduri Hill, [s.d.]
East London harbour, South Africa, [s.d.]
From Nuri's funeral in the summer of 1972. In the middle of the picture Pastor BeihaniFrom Nuri...
The overlooked Latino middle class: deep roots and continued growth
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