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"Alien Japanese Taken into Custody --  [...] at Vallejo, Feb. 5" -- caption on photograph
"Alien Japanese Taken Into Custody" -- caption on photograph
"Aliens Surrender Radios -- In compliance with U.S. order" -- caption on photograph
"Allen, Ray" (Berkowitz, memo, 1991-05-17, to Kay)
"Arrested in danger zone, three Japanese are pictured being booked at central jail.  On the right is Kiyushi Nakano, with Uyemura Katsuji in center.  Their actions will be investigated by police ...
"Japanese Nationals Give Up Radioes, Cameras" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese roundup --  Many Japanese taken into custody in F.B.I. and police roundup.  Photo shows Jitsuzo Ishidu (left) taken in custody, F.B.I. Agent in center, Police Inspector Leo Bunner and O...
"Japanese Roundup -- Many Japanese taken into custody in F.B.I. and police roundup -- Photo shows an official of the San Francisco Japanese Association, Shojiro Hori, is shown being led to car by...
"Man from Mars" Bandit Inquest, 1951
"On Way -- Here the Japs headed for the Nevada line and complete freedon, the crowded WRA station wagon passing through a military police sentry line.  The trip to Reno is made three times weekly...
"Rush Jap Aliens Away From Vital Area" -- caption on photograph
"Skunk" flag for policemen, 1958
"View of Hollenbeck Police Station as Axis nationals, mostly Japanese, lined up yesterday to turn in cameras and radios under U.S. orders. -- caption on photograph
"West Coast aliens guive up cameras.  On order of the United States Department of Justice, alien Japanese, Germans and italians swarmed San Francisco police headquarters to surrender shortwave ra...
.38 pistol used by Gladys Treadwell, 1954
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