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"Allen, Ray" (Berkowitz, memo, 1991-05-17, to Kay)
"Birmingham council women plan regional meeting", 1952
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Only the Japanese-American with a job and a place to live, or an approved plan for the future will be aided by the War Resettlement Administration in returning to...
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Under the Army's recent order permitting the return of those Japanese-Americans whose loyalty has been cleared, will be many happy people glad to return to their ...
"Lung Yep constructs flat building / First Chinese to become landlord," clipping, 1913-12-07
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Society" - St. Paul's Cathedral women planning benefit, 1955
"Society" -- Bishop's Ball, 1955
"Society" -- Glendale Assistance League, 1952
"Society" -- Holy Family adoption workers -- Barbecue, 1955
"Society" -- UCLA Tenth Reunion, 1955
"Society"- National Women's League, 1958
(a) a stool. (b) Ngeka (a game). (c) palm-rib as children's toy. (d) knife for tattooing. (e) fish trap. (f) Hoe. (g) Crowbar. (h) method of fixing a roof timber. (i) sliding door in the hut.
(a) antilope horns with feathers. (b) Minke. (c) Ndawayowo (protection against snakes). (d) two medicines for protection against theft of agricultural produce. (e) Protextion against snakes.
(a) musical instrument. (b) drum for dancing. (c) Guitar (d) Box for smoking.
(Society) -- Saint Patricks church, 1958
(Society) Children's home -- Whittier, 1958
(Society) Food traders, 1958
(Society) University of Southern California Medical Auxiliary benefit, 1954
10.12. IC on LAPD / general counsel - Los Angeles Times polls, 1979 Apr. 18 - 1991 Apr. 29
10.14. IC on LAPD / general counsel - civilian review, 1991-06-03
10.15. IC on LAPD / general counsel - Commission on Civil Disorders, 1967
10.17. IC on LAPD / general counsel - FBI director, 1965 Jan. 7 - 1991 May 7
10.18. IC on LAPD / general counsel - alternatives re chief of police, 1990 May 1 - 1991 May 17
10.19. IC on LAPD / general counsel - Challenger, 1991 May 21-23
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