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Murray, Take care of your take cares, 1992-12-20
Playground at the Day Care Center, Port Said, 1996
Day Care Center, Port Said. The teacher Teresa teaches mothers with children
The Evangelical. Caring Home. Helwan.
Karen Person, Bangladesh.
Children who received medical care at the Protestant Health center of Moria
Delivering better care for children with special health care needs: analyses of patient-centered medical home and types of insurance
Murray, Feeling the whip on another person's back, 1992-10-18
Addison’s Neighbor: permanent supportive housing for parenting youth transitioning out of foster care
No text about country, location and persons (?).
3rd annual Center Theatre Group cares event to benefit persons with AIDS
Centers of gravity in public diplomacy 2.0: a case study of U.S. efforts in South Africa, 2015
Unidentified person - probably an evangelist from Manchuria
Photo without information - Country, location, persons, etc. (?)
Nursing care in the bush
Improving the overall quality and star rating at the sub-acute care center
Reducing the prevalence of missed primary care appointments in community health centers
Factors associated with long-term-care facility residence of patients with Alzheimer's disease from Alzheimer's disease research centers of California
Photo without text: Location, name of the person (?).
Photo without text: Location? Name of the persons?
School of infant care in Fihaonana, Madagascar
Bangladesh 1988. Photo without text – who is this person?
Bangladesh,1988. Photo without text – who is this person?
Bangladesh, 1988. Photo without text – who is this person?
Bangladesh, 1988. Photo without text – who is this person?
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