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Pastor Soren Hansen Sørensen (1880-1971). Board of DMS 1919 - 1935, Chairman 1935 - 1958.
Scholastic Motivation Ministries leadership summit, COGIC, planning documents, 2004
DMS Board by country meeting at Nyborg Strand, May 1967. From left: Pastor H. Leth, Reverend H....
Pastor S. H. Sorensen in the board room at Strandagervej, Hellerup. S. H. Sorensen was presiden...
COGIC, 5th annual leadership conference program, [s.d.] (draft)
District Missionary Seminar, Texas Northeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Leadership Meeting, 2009, syllabus
International Convocation, Department of Women's Work, COGIC. Leadership conference program, Memphis, 1955
From a board meeting in 1943. From right: Farmer H. Bruun, Reverend C. Lund, pastor Ove Nielsen...
17th Annual Leadership Conference, COGIC, Women's International Convention, General Session, minutes, 2005
From Pastor Busch's 50th priesthood anniversary. Photo taken on the stairs in front of DMS 'pro...
Representatives 6th - 7th aug.1982. The new board for DMS (without Pastor Langdahl). Used in: D...
Pastor Lorenz Siemonsen, 20.8.1800-17.12.1872. Member of the DMS Board in 1828 - 1835. Mention:...
A comparative analysis of the role of educational leadership on the participation of two schools in the National Program of Science and Technology Fairs in Costa Rica
Building leadership capacity: Practices for preparing the next generation of Catholic school principals
Leadership conference, International Women's Department, COGIC (8th: 1996), program
Pastor SH Sorensen photographed d. 08/04/1970 on the occasion of his 90th birthday, on 08/15/19...
The early leadership development experiences of highly effective senior pastors
17th Annual Leadership Conference, COGIC, Women's International Convention, Supervisors & Assistant Supervisors Session, minutes, 2005
Missionary and pastor Peter Breiner Henriksen. Married to Edith Breiner Henriksen, with whom he...
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