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Reconstituting the fiscal bargain: the politics of taxation in Latin America's emerging markets
Powellism, Thatcherism and the Conservative Party, 1945-87: the party as the site of ideological transition
The Social Democratic Party in the German revolution
Tàipíngyáng shíbào = Pacific times, whole no. 534 (1996-08-16)
Driving change: copyright, car modding, and the right to repair in the digital age
The role of international PR firms in the use of CSR to achieve harmonious society in mainland China and Hong Kong
Los Angeles Star, vol. 13, no. 41, February 13, 1864
Mobile apps and services for development: What can we learn from the non-smartphone era in ICT4D?
Advances and applications for economic evaluation methods in health technology assessment (HTA)
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Principles and Roadblocks in the Use of Imaging Methods in Clinical PK/PD Studies: A Perspective from the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2007
Asymetrical  discourse in a computer-mediated  environment
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 16
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 15
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 8
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 9
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 10
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 13
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 12
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 7
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 11
Pacific times 534 (1996-08-16),  p. 14
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