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Curiosa mathematica: A new theory of parallels, 1890
A young man practices on the parallel bars at a Los Angeles playground
Exploiting variable task granularities for scalable and efficient parallel graph analytics
Parallel Bars, Kikuyu, Kenya, ca.1911
Day[9]TV: How interactive Web television parallels game design
A parallel computation framework for EONS synaptic modeling platform for parameter optimization and drug discovery
Parallel simulation of chip-multiprocessor
Parallel implementations of the discrete wavelet transform and hyperspectral data compression on reconfigurable platforms: approach, methodology and practical considerations
Exploration of parallelism for probabilistic graphical models
Three men practicing gymnastics on the parallel bars, as many young onlookers cheer them on
Pacific Electric tracks running parallel to Huntington Drive, ca.1905(1895?)
Parallel: authorial intent in a self-reflective narrative game
Male students on parallel bars, Shantou, Guangdong, China, ca.1921-1923
High performance packet forwarding on parallel architectures
Parallel food counters in the cafeteria of the new Los Angeles County Courthouse, 1959
Figueroa Street with zanja (irrigation channel) parallel to sidewalk, ca.1906
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