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"Trip to Mars" Premiere at Griffith Park Observatory, 1954
"Trip to the moon" at Griffith Park Observatory, 1953
Studies of the sensitivity of p-mode oscillation frequencies to changing levels of solar activity
Mahoney Tables plus a tool for sketch design recommendations for a building
1941 models, Los Angeles, CA, 1940
Neurobiology of androgen reinforcement
An Analysis Of Conservation Education In Curriculums For Grades Kindergarten Through Twelve
Sedimentology And Pleistocene History Of Lake Tahoe, California - Nevada
Late-Neogene Paleomagnetic And Planktonic Zonation, Southeast Indian Ocean - Tasman Basin
The Effects Of Cognitive Style On Criterion Test Performance Of High School Students After Instruction By Audio Tape Treatments Differing In Rate And Difficulty Level
A "close-up" of the central region of the spiral galaxy Messier 33, 1954
Automobile road from Pasadena to Mount Wilson, 1930
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Astronomy -- Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories, 1959
Atomic Energy (Radioactivity Check), 1951
Automobile road from Pasadena to Mount Wilson, 1922
Charles E. St. John… shows Dr. Albert Einstein the red shift in the sun's spectrum, near Pasadena, CA, 1931
Wintertime view of San Jose's Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, ca.1900
Echo Mountain Observatory and Hotel in Winter, ca.1895-1900
Echo Mountain Observatory, 1910
Palomar Mountain from Pachango Canyon, ca.1895
Painting of a balloon trip to Mount Lowe as envisioned by Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, ca.1895-1910
Echo Mountain House and Observatory with view of basin, [s.d.]
Echo Mountain Observatory and surrounding mountain seen from a distance, April, 1924
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