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Obscene dance (Sipisapa).
Effects of court obscenity rulings on student newspapers in California public colleges and universities
A taste for trash: the persistence of exploitation in American cinema, 1960-1975
E. O., letters (1957-1958)
Maynard B., letters (1957/1960)
Leon P., letters (1962-1963)
George B., letters (1966/1967)
Major B., letters (1967/1969)
ONE, Inc. promotional materials (1952/1959)
Supreme Court ruling in ONE vs. Olesen
Supreme Court ruling in ONE vs. Olesen
The Boondocks cartoon: a social critique of race in America
Using observed peer discussions to understand adolescent depressive symptoms and interpersonal interactions
Nude performances in the practice of Fiona Banner, 2006-2010
W. G., letters (1966)
Clarkson Crane, letters (1954/1960)
In the flesh: the representation of burlesque theatre in American art and visual culture
Barbara Gittings, letters (1965-1971)
LA Women's March, protester with gesture, 2018-01-20
Photograph album 11, page 13
Photograph album 11, page 13
112. Lipton on Roth v US, 1957; Lipton essay discussion; Radio poetry program
Gerald Heard, letters (1953-1971)
Walter Baxter, letters (1954)
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