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Spatio-temporal probabilistic inference for persistent object detection and tracking
Video object segmentation and tracking with deep learning techniques
Part based object detection, segmentation, and tracking by boosting simple shape feature based weak classifiers
A deep learning approach to online single and multiple object tracking
Combining object recognition and tracking for augmented reality
Frontrunners Track Club at parade
Automatic tracking of protein vesicles
Railroad tracks, California, 1946
Railroad tracks, USA, 1940
Railroad tracks and signal, California, 1940
Mount Tamalpais railroad track, 1910
Santa Anita Race Track, Arcadia, Calif., 1940
Section of railroad track next to Lake Tahoe, ca.1910
Small children running around a crude dirt track, 1932
High school track meet, Coliseum, Los Angeles, Calif., 1937
Mount Tamalpais railroad track crossing of Sequoia Canyon, ca.1910
Magnolia Avenue in Riverside, showing railroad tracks, ca.1900
Track - events, college athletes, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941
Panorama of the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, 1938
Track, 1957
Buildings by railroad tracks, Southern California, 1937
Multiple humnas tracking by learning appearance and motion patterns
Occidental College track team, Los Angeles, Calif., 1938
Track of monorail railway at Magnesium, ca.1922-1930
Pacific Electric tracks running parallel to Huntington Drive, ca.1905(1895?)
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