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A vernacular vanguard: surrealism and the making of American art history
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1906-08-05, to Zulime Taft Garland and Mary Isabel Garland
A new eros: sexuality in women's art before the feminist art movement
This is country music: How Brad Paisley and today's Nashville ain't as far from Hank Williams as you might think
From Melpattambakkam Boarding School, South India, November 1951. Missionary Peder Breiner Henr...
The Staple Singers, ca. 1974
Picture for father in Japan, 1951
Fortieth Division baby, 1951
Contest girl, Southern California, 1935
Mattress spring suit, 1955
Chihuahua litter, 1952
Digital signal processing techniques for music structure analysis
Will the sun set in the West? How the Internet’s usurping of the music industry is collapsing regionalism and threatening the West Coast’s race to recapture hip hop’s crown
Box of fig bars, Southern California, 1935
Picture for father in Korea, 1953
Tom, the Hot Tamales Man, and his horse drawn refreshment wagon, USC, 1910
Opening of Pacific Ocean Park, 1958
1988 Pioneer Days : country fair
New growth of pine after a forest fire, ca.1920
Long Beach Bath House and Pike, ca.1907-1915
Crowds of people on the beach near the bath house in Long Beach, ca.1906
Seeing beyond the fog: preserving San Francisco's cultural heritage in the Clement Street Corridor
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