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Los Angeles Star, vol. 9, no. 14, August 13, 1859
A discourse analysis of teacher-student classroom interactions
Dynamics of victimization, aggression, and popularity in adolescence
Los Angeles Star, vol. 14, no. 20, September 17, 1864
Los Angeles Star, vol. 11, no. 16, August 24, 1861
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Los Angeles Star, vol. 9, no. 10, July 16, 1859
Los Angeles Star, vol. 9, no. 9, July 9, 1859
Building phrase structure from items and contexts
Benjamino Gigli, letter, 1925-03-10, to Hamlin Garland
Grace Davis Vanamee, letter, 1937-05-05, to Hamlin Garland
Harry Alonzo Cushing, letter, 1925-12-02, to Irving Bacheller
William Dean Howells, letter, 1913-02-05, to Hamlin Garland
Elon Huntington Hooker, letter, 1920-05-18, to Hamlin Garland
Ashley H. Thorndike, letter, 1917-01-10, to Hamlin Garland
Robert Underwood Johnson, postcard, 1935-04-03, to Grace D. Vanamee
Robert Underwood Johnson, letter, 1926-10-01, to Hamlin Garland
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1914-06-01, to Ripley Hitchcock
Rupert Hughes, letter, 1917, to Hamlin Garland
Hamilton W. Mabie, letter, 1914-05-29, to Hamlin Garland
Henry Kimball Hadley, letter, 1925-05-13, to Hamlin Garland
Ashley H. Thorndike, letter, 1918-01-22, to Hamlin Garland
William Dean Howells, letter, 1918-06-02, to Hamlin Garland
Lucian Oudin, letter, 1919-10-22, to William D. Howells
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