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"Great Caruso" Premiere, 1951
"Hotel Somerville Lobby", postcard, 1928-09-26
"Parents Day", St. John Bosco School, Bellflower, 1954
"The Most Happy Fella" musical play, 1958
(a) musical instrument. (b) drum for dancing. (c) Guitar (d) Box for smoking.
(Society) -- Saint Patricks church, 1958
111. Forsberg, Foster, White reading poems; Eve magazine discussion, 1957?; air traffic control radio
112. Lipton on Roth v US, 1957; Lipton essay discussion; Radio poetry program
124. Open end (tv show) "Always leave them laughing", 1960-03-06
125. Barbarians story line; Helen Trent, 1959-07-16 - 1959-07-17
126. Lipton poetry reading; Foster & Lipton discussing dedicated poverty, [s.d.]
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
The heart, the faith, the soul of Clara Ward, ca. 1966
Silent night: songs for Christmas (Mahalia Jackson), 1970-1979
132. Moon and sixpence, 1959-10-30; Chessman death sentence appeal, 1957; Rexroth on books, 1955-10-19
135. Roskolenko, Boyd, Saroyan, Rabinowitz readings & discussion, [1955?]; Lipton interview of Foster (Firestone), [1955?]
137. USC lecture to medical students, 1959-10-08; poetry reading
Public Art In Corporate Downtown Los Angeles
Maternal devotion: The symbiotic relationship between mothers and sons in "Yi Jian zhi"
A Follow Up Study Of Adapted Computer Technology Training At The High Tech Training Center Of Santa Monica College
Work For The Masters Degree. (Original Artwork)
The "chitarra spagnola" and Italian monody, 1589 to circa 1650
Disha: A True Fully Adaptive Routing Scheme
The Harnettian Mode: Life And Still Life
Lamb flaps, tourists, pop music and mortuary rites: Post-colonialism and tradition on Manam Island, Papua New Guinea
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