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Religion is an integrated part of everyday life. Nepal 1986.
[Waterfall, near Kpalimé]
[Man near a fence]
Heathen people near Leribe
Mountains near Qalo
Shepherds near Morija
Traditional huts near Morija
The Orange river near Leloaleng
The Orange valley near Leloaleng
A mountain landscape near Morija
Road near Oyem, Gabon
Cave near Carion, in Madagascar
Mountain pass near Morija
Landscape near Korme, near Korme, Ethiopia, 1952
Using Landscape Integrity Index to evaluate the cumulative impacts of BLM resource management programs
A mountain near Leribe
Houses near Maseru
Thaba-Telle, near Morija
Near Libreville, in Gabon
Ferry near Lambarene, in Gabon
A stream, near Kpalimé
Pastoral retreat near Papeete
Near Thaba-Bosiu
Agaves near Morija
Integrated technology: a case study surrounding assertions and realities
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