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National meeting in Holstebro in 1992. Iver Brændgaard.
1982 national Reno gay rodeo
Interpreting the language arts program on the primary level.
The language school in Kayin.
The language school in Kayin.
Guilty of crimes against the Queer Nation
Missionaries associated with language school, Shanghai, China, ca.1935
Women students at language school, Shanghai, China, ca.1935
Everybody's doin' it! : national condom week
Pakistan, NWFP. Transport of people at Peshawar - by a two-wheel cart (in local language: Tonga...
The effect of a language arts intervention on the academic achievement of English language learners
Meeting held in national board, April 1985
DMS's national congres 1986 Ikast
National lesbian and gay book month 1997
2nd national homosexual conference
The national congres 1974, Aabenraa. The president, bishop Thorkild Græsholt opens national con...
Critical ambitious language pedagogy for cognitive academic language proficiency development in two-way immersion schools: teachers' ideologies and practices
The national congress 1994 Haslev. The vote
National congres 1980 Tarm. Skjern Girls' Choir
Inge Marie Andersen, national secretary of DMS.
Reflective practice and pre-service language teacher preparation
Arcot South India. Anna Kathrine Holm. Language studies in Kodaikanal and Tirukoilur 1925-1926....
Missionary Karen Margrethe Jensen. Language studies in Madras 1922, Tirukoilur 1923-1930. Vridd...
Missionary Anna Sondberg. Language studies in Madras, 1927. Work for women from Dayastalam, Tir...
Aase Barlyng, Elise Fenger Bache and Esther Hendriksen at the language school in Bangalore1950.
of 1591