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Essays on housing market behavior analysis within the international context
Mr. Anderson as King Solomon, Los Angeles, CA, 1935
The Development Of A Numerical Scoring System For Evaluating Mortgage Loan Delinquency Risk
An analysis of the need for establishing a private local market for mortgages
Essays in fallout risk and corporate credit risk
Building & groups at Pasadena, CA, 1930 [image 5]
Spring Street from Sixth Street to 700 block
Interview, 1958
Pai Yil Chin, et al vs. Shon Kuk Yin, et al, 1931
Main Street, looking north at Ninth Street from the intersection of Main Street and Spring Street
Greed for fifteen players: A tone poem based upon the events that lead up to and triggered the 2007-2009 financial collapse
Soroptimist House, USC, 1955
Warrington apartments, Southern California, 1928
Zeb P. Jackson, letter, 1926-07-01, to Hamlin Garland
Wreck of rear wheel at Shed's garage, Southern California, 1925
George W. Dudley, letter, 1920-11-19, to Hamlin Garland
George W. Dudley, letter, 1938-02-28, to Hamlin Garland
Downtown financial institutions, Los Angeles, Calif., 1939
Los Angeles First National Bank, night shots opening night, Los Angeles, CA, 1928 [image 3]
Los Angeles First National Bank, new Hollywood branch building at night with lights lit, Los Angeles, CA, 1928 [image]
SON/Committee for New Religious Movement. From "The Rainbow Exhibition" at Charlottenborg, Apri...
Antung Orphanage. 1) From whore house (1938), 2) Came in the age of 8 months from the prison, w...
View looking south on Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, across Santa Monica and the P.E.Ry. tracks, Los Angeles County, 1927
The changing policy environment and banks' financial decisions
Intersection, Drexel Avenue & South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1931
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