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Mission at the bottom - City Mission in Madagascar. Rice husk boiler is designed in Asia and is...
Design-for-reliability starting from conceptual design
Mission doorway with "River of Life" design at Mission Santa Inez (?), ca.1900
Using architecture in the fight against global warming: presenting viable energy-saving renovation design strategies to homeowners via an interactive web learning tool
Systems engineering and mission design of a lunar South Pole rover mission: a novel approach to the multidisciplinary design problem within a spacecraft systems engineering paradigm
Mission at the bottom - Urban Mission in Madagaska. Logo. DMS had a number of slide series, whi...
"Johannes Zimmermann in his specially designed clothing [for the tropics], [Ev. Missions Magazin] S. 140f.
Mars rapid round trip mission design
Trajectory mission design and navigation for a space weather forecast
Mission house, Arusha, Tanzania, 1926
Chair of Spanish-Dutch design at Mission Santa Barbara, ca.1905
The missioners house at Jiangmen, China, 1928.
Architectural design decision support system
Mission design study of an RTG powered, ion engine equipped interstellar spacecraft
Autonomous interplanetary constellation design
Investiture of Chinese culture in character design
Former Protestant mission compound at Jiangmen, China, [s.d.]
Easter decorations at mission entrance, Yeung Kong, China, ca. 1923
Garden of the mission house, Arusha, Tanzania, 1923
Scarification designs, Congo, ca. 1900-1915
The Hakka Mission headquarters at Meixien, China, 1931.
A meta-interaction model for designing cellular self-organizing systems
First temporary mission house, Rungwe, Tanzania, 1891
A declarative design approach to modeling traditional and non-traditional space systems
Reality ends here: environmental game design and participatory spectacle
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