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Modeling the mirror system in action observation and execution
Mirror cabinet, Southern California, 1931
Mirror cabinets, Southern California, 1931
Retouched mirror, Southern California, 1931
Mirror novelties, Southern California, 1936
Mirror cabinet, Southern California, 1931
Drawings of mirrors, Southern California, 1931
Mirrors with lights, Southern California, 1931
Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park, 1901
Mirror cabinet with lights, Southern California, 1931
Mirror with side lights, Southern Califronia, 1931
Cabinet mirrors, Southern California Glass, Southern California, 1931
Copy of advertisement on mirror, Southern California, 1936
Mirror cabinets, Southern California Glass Co., Southern California, 1931
Mirror display for Mr. Harlowe, Broadway Department Store, Los Angeles, CA, 1926
Mirrors as they look on glass, Los Angeles, Calif., 1938
"The Mirror" building, 1951
View of Mt. Watkins overlooking Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park California, ca.1900-1940
Two women, one of whom is putting on makeup at a mirror, in a new lightweight steel railroad car, ca.1930
Interior view of the snow telescope, showing the coelostat mirrors, Mount Wilson Observatory, ca.1930
Structural and functional neural correlates of developmental dyspraxia in the mirror neuron system
Chevrolet coupe with mirrors, Southern California, 1928
Times Mirror Square, home of the Los Angeles Times, at 220 West First Street in the Civic Center of Downtown Los Angeles
Dressing table, detail of drawers and mirror
V.C. Morris store, mirrored bowl, San Francisco, 1949
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