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Box of Snarol, Antrol Laboratories Incorporated, Southern California, 1931 [image]
Two-dimensional metal dithiolene metal-organic frameworks as conductive materials for solar energy conversion
Investigations in cooperative catalysis: synthesis, reactivity and metal-ligand bonding
Pakistan 1995. The Vocational Training School, Mardan, Peshawar Diocese. Working with metal.
Activation and functionalization of C-H bonds catalyzed by oxygen and nitrogen ligated late transition metal complexes
Worker at the Reed and Reese Incorporated plant in Pasadena, ca.1950
Zulu woman carrying a metal bucket on her head, South Africa, [s.d.]
Old dajak jewellery for men, made from hammered-out metal.
Man holding a metal stereotype head showing the offset for reversing the plate, ca.1932
Airplane parked at Rogers Airport with Rogers Aircraft Incorporated building in the background, ca.1922
Man with metal rings in his ears, Kenya, ca.1920-1940
Mechanical behavior and deformation of nanotwinned metallic alloys
Enhancing the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of SIS-metal parts with application to high temperature alloys
Chinese dowry carried along quite publicly with the bride. Containers made of metal and tin, carpet and table.
Synthesis and study of functionalized metal nanoparticles and organic perfluoroalkylated chromophores
The first hospital made of metal sheets and which can be dismantled
Developing efficient methods for the manufacture and analysis of composites structures
Development and characterization of hierarchical cellular structures
Corrosion protection of metal matrix composites
A course of study for the high school metal shop.
Fate of trace metals upon ocean disposal of wastewater effluents
Magic cards used by the Mbembe, metal plates used with the spider oracle.
Roofing with corrugated metal, see [picture 00]51. The missionaries Dehle and Schultze.
Cameroon, Duala: 1903. The beginnings of the mission's workshop for metal-work.
The distribution of B-vitamins in two contrasting aquatic systems, and implications for their ecological and biogeochemical roles
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