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"1647 - Bulletin Board, Chinatown", postcard, 1909-12-11
"1649 - A Chinese Fortune Teller", posctard, 1921-05-10
"A Chinese Fortune Teller", 1912-08-23
"Finding the jeweled chalice, third act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Grading oranges, Cal.", postcard, circa 1905
"La senora dance, second act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Making Adobe Bricks at Casa Verdugo, / near Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, 1908-12-12
"Orange packing in California", postcard, 1913-07-10
"Packing oranges, Southern California", postcard, circa 1910s
"Pageant of the Indian crafts, second act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Picking lemons near Whittier, California", postcard, circa 1915
"Spanish dance: Act 2, Mission play, San Gabriel, California", postcard
"Street Scene in China Town, Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, 1907-02
"The orange pickers, Los Angeles, California", stereograph, 1895
"Tragedy of a broken race, third act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Walnut drying, Katella Ranch at Anaheim, Cal.", postcard, circa 1907
"Walnut grading in California", postcard, circa 1910
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12 unidentified people, [s.d.]
When Mother's Gone (Spirit of Memphis Quartet) , 1953
A Model For Integrating Occupational Therapy Procedures
Counseling And Behavior Modification In The Military Forces
Formative Influences In The Life Of Olive Schreiner, Victorian Feminist And Freethinker
The artistic pilgrimage of Joaquin Torres-Garcia:  A biographical study
An Examination Of Values And Violent Crime Rates
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