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Mothers’ perspectives on everyday life with children with autism: Mealtimes explored
Mealtime, Ghana, ca.1885-1895
Mealtime at the Japanese Relocation Camp, Manzanar, California, July 1942.
At mealtime. Daion and her elder sister Libowa who is carrying her son on her back
Indian mealtime.
Arcot District, South India. Siloam Girl's Boarding School. Mealtime. The matron distributes ve...
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Mission for children in India. Slides 1990, "When I was blessed by an elephant". It is mealtime...
"Evacuated Japs Dine As Family Unit -- Japanese family life is preserved even at mealtime in the large mess halls of this government relocation project" -- caption on photograph
Solider at Mealtime, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
Mealtime for children of the kindergarten.
Mealtime for little children, Watsa, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Mealtime for the carriers by Lake Richard (Cameroon).
Mealtime in a black family in Ndogosimbi (1 hour from Duala). After the baptismal service. The missionaries Feeser, Krauss and Link.
Lunchtime at school, Beijing, China, ca.1931-1934
Lunchtime outdoors, Ghana, ca.1885-1895
Hay Memorial Training School, Daska, ca.1910
Children's lunch at the mission, Korea, ca.1920-1940
Christmas Treat, Nagpur, India, ca.1937
Reconstruction of a proinsulin-transferrin fusion protein
Teaching behavior of selected preschool teachers as related to self-concept, locus of control, and teaching experience
Differential attitudes and perceptions of defined categories of institutionalized girls toward food
A nutrition guide for health and biology classes.
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