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The overlap between mTOR signaling, rapamycin and cellular senescence
Short term high fat diet (HFD) stimulates β cell proliferation through mTOR while the prolonged treatment induces β cell senescence via p27
Mechanism of action of rapamycin and its applications in aging, cancer therapy and metabolism
Novel functions of the macula densa in renal physiology and disease
Teahouse at Tor Hotel in Kobe
Mark Moody in the garden of Tor Hotel in Kobe
Courtyard of Tor Hotel in Kobe
Mrs. Houlding in the garden of Tor Hotel in Kobe
The rocky peak of Minge, with a church in the foreground.
From mesenchymal stem cell therapy to discovery of drug therapy for systemic sclerosis
Linking air pollution to integrative gene and metabolites networks in young adult with asthma
University of Rome, Tor Vergata
Damage to Ford truck and intersection of West Pico Boulevard and South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1940 [image 3]
Range and clock, Southern California, 1934 [image]
The role of endoplasmic reticulum protein GRP78 in normal hematopoeises and PTEN-null leukemogenesis
The High Gate in Fathepur Sikhri.
Old gate in Tschautschufu.
Honjen Hospital.  The gate seen from the hospital courtyard.
Entrance gate to the compound of the chief in Mbengwi.
Gateway to Chief's Yard Bafut.
Economy Chevrolet, 5500 Pasadena Avenue, Southern California, 1925 [image 3]
Gas station on South Avalon Boulevard near East Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1928 [image 5]
National Air Races, Southern California, 1933 [image 6]
"Massacre Gate in Cawnpore." [Caption on mount]. - "The Massacre Ghat, Cawnpore." [Caption on image].
Saikung, Hong Kong 17. Oct 1955. Vice-president Tsok opens the door.
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