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Bath house and beach in Long Beach, ca.1910
Long River, where Paul Kline had base. Preparation of marmots. The animal stopped out with hot ...
Two people in a sailboat in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Two men in a sailboat in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Tree-lined path in Bixby Park, Long Beach, ca.1907
View of Long Wharf looking towards Pacific Palisades, ca.1895
Interior view of Fox-West Coast Theatre, Long Beach, 1925
Exterior view of Long Beach High School, 1906
American Avenue looking west, Long Beach, ca.1924
Oil wells in Signal Hill, at Long Beach, ca.1925
The first house in Long Beach, ca.1880
Long Beach Bath House and Pike, ca.1907-1915
Weekend beach-goers at the Long Beach shore, ca.1925
Bathers playing in the surf in Long Beach, ca.1920
View of Pickering Park in Long Beach, ca.1905
Panoramic view of Bixby Park (?) in Long Beach, ca.1908
A penta-dimensional longitudinal analysis of the predictors of compulsive internet use among adolescents using linear mixed model (LMM)
View of a sailboat in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Two sailboats with multiple sails in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Sailboat on the ocean in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Sailboat passing a marker in Long Beach, [s.d.]
View of a sailboat in Long Beach, [s.d.]
Pier and Strand at Long Beach, [s.d.]
Stock options and short term bonuses in executive compensation contracts
Panoramic view of Long Beach Park from Terminal Station, California, ca.1889
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