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Unidentified rock formation, [s.d.]
Unidentified, arch-like rock formation, [s.d.]
Horse-drawn carriage near the Devil's Gate rock formation on Belmont Beach in Long Beach, ca.1890
Maseru. Memorial
The memorial inscription on the Teachers' Seminary.
Nonlinear dynamical modeling of single neurons and its application to analysis of long-term potentiation (LTP)
A rock formation, Nevada, [s.d.]
Peculiar rock formation in Blue Canyon, Arizona, 1900-1930
Unidentified rock formation, showing narrow railroad tracks to the left, [s.d.]
Rock formation at Point Fermin, San Pedro, ca.1891
Unidentified rock formation in the high desert, [s.d.]
Rocks built into a natural rock formation, showing a man at center, [s.d.]
Eroded rock formation behind a Torry Pine, ca.1910
"Grotesque" formation of the rock walls, Acoma, ca.1900
Surf breaking across rock formations and cliffs, [s.d.]
Rock formations in Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, ca.1900
Group having a picnic near a rock formation at Casa del Mar, [s.d.]
Memorial stone for Ellen Nielsen, 2002.
View of the Castle Rock formation with the Mile-Long Pier visible in the background, 1899-1911
Unidentified granite rock formation on the ridge "west of Waterman", [s.d.]
Oligomer formation of functional amyloid protein - Orb2A
The "Indian Head" (or "Ben Butler Profile Rock"), a natural rock formation at Camp Markham, California, ca.1900-1930
"The Man of the Mountain" a mountain rock formation resembling a face, 1940
"Indian Head", a rock formation on the coast of an ocean, [s.d.]
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