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"Ann" at KFI, Southern California, 1933
"Big Lift", 1951
"Carrying luggage and babies, long line of repatriates wends way over catwalk, last stage of trip from China where some have been in exile.  Others had never seen homeland."--caption on photograph
"Click with Dick", republican campaign song, 1960
"Commerce of the Pacific, the era of the Boston sailing ships", a painting by Carl Oscar Borg, depicting trade along the shore, 1900
"Fashion Afloat" in Wilmington, 1952
"Football" -- UCLA vs USC (Frosh), 1955
"Help Here -- some of the flock of young people who regularly gather at her Long Beach home-recreational center practice golf swings behind Mrs. Sue Joe.  She plays with David Ater and her Rand, ...
"Just the car we wanted", Southern California, 1936
"Lido Baby" at Long Beach, CA, 1928
"Little Miss Universe"  (Contest Winner for Rose Tournament Float by City of Long Beach) contest at Municipal Auditorium, 1951
"Miss Breathless" crowned at Rancho Los Amigos, 1954
"Miss California Junior" contest, 1953
"Miss New in Shoes", 1953
"Miss Welcome to Long Beach" contest winner (Long Beach Municipal Auditorium), 1952
"Miss Welcome to Long Beach" preliminary winner, 1952
"Miss Winter" contest in Long Beach, 1958
"No more sights before long like these of Japanese harvesting sugar beets in Santa Maria's beautiful valley."--caption on photograph
"Pen Pals" bride and groom, 1958
"Push Button" Freighter (Wilmington), 1951
"Robin Hood" bookie...Superior Court, Long Beach, 1951
"Rosie the Riveter" ...North American Aircraft, 1951
"Spirit of Apollo" poster, ca. 1970
"Sports", 1955
"Teen-agers dance on deck of Kean Maru which brought exiles from China, while older people peer ahead for first sight of land they longed for during Red opressions."--caption on photograph
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