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Mission for children in India. Slides 1990, "When I was blessed by an elephant". Here are some ...
Mosaic on Mission. Dias Series on Danish mission work from the beginning in 1821 up to the pres...
Preparing English language learners to be college and career ready for the 21st century: the leadership role of secondary school principals in the support of English language learners
New Year's sacrifice on new year's eve for a field deity behind the mission station in Hoschuwan. Roast chicken, wine, oil, tea, cakes. One group follows the next.
Effects of building modifications and municipal policies on green cover in Los Angeles County
Flights of the imagination: Black American travelers journey toward "Africa" in Ghana and Bahia, Brazil
Fostering a climate that prevents workplace bullying
Children playing in the garden [... Cf. annotations].
Non-christian landmarks in Tumbang Lahang, near the mission station  [... Cf. annotations].
Mission for children in India. Slides 1990, "When I was blessed by an elephant". They have many...
Indian Christian, India, ca. 1910
Globalization in education -- A case study
The 2011 NFL lockout: labor negotiations and their impact on public relations in professional sports leagues
Exploration of the roles of cancer stem cells and survivin in the pathogenesis and progression of prostate cancer
The evolution of gene regulatory networks
Honjen during the floods, 19th May 1936. 2. View from the doctor's living quarters over the fields. In the background the East River.
A gatekeeper and his family, Changde, Hunan, China, ca.1900-1919
Young patient at hospital, Qingjiang, China, ca.1905
Chains of caste, India, ca. 1930
Ituk Mbam, E.G & Baby Nkoenye, Nigeria, 1934
Hope lingers: Santa Monica's continuous struggle with homelessness
A study and comparison of the IPO communications environments and communications strategies in the U.S. and Hong Kong
Forward-backward stochastic differential equations with discontinuous coefficient and regime switching term structure model
Transcriptomic maturation of developing human cone precursors in fetal and 3D hESC-derived tissues
Effective factors of high performing urban high schools: a case study
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