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Computer data cables, USC, 2003
Generalized optimal location planning
Family Bookshop location?.
Family Bookshop - location?
Mechanisms for co-location privacy
Church building, Pakistan. (Location?)
Foreign Mission Recycling. (Location?).
On location support and one-hop data collection in wireless sensor networks
Location-based spatial queries in mobile environments
The Joint Mission Exhibition, 1967. (Location?)
From a recycling course. (Location, Speaker?)
No text about country, location and persons (?).
Mission across borders. No data available
Photo without text: Location, Church service/celebration (?).
DMS and Danish Santal Mission Recycling. (Location?).
Photo without information - Country, location, persons, etc. (?)
Privacy in location-based applications: going beyond K-anonymity, cloaking and anonymizers
Improvement in hyperbolic position location systems
Church in Ambanja. Located in an old cocoa warehouse.
Photo without text: Location, name of the person (?).
Bangladesh Lutheran Church/BLC. A village church. (Location?).
Photo without text: Location? Name of the persons?
Bangladesh Lutheran Church/BLC. A village church. (Location?).
Photo without text - Location? Who are these people?
Bangladesh Lutheran Church/BLC. A village church. (Location?).
of 1921