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Civic associations, local governance and conflict prevention in Indonesia
Government hospital in Tranquebar
Local ground-level ozone policies: Governance structure and institutions In achieving federal attainment
Community, empowerment, and the city: sources of capacity in local governance
Headquarters of the regional local government, Tukuyu, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Governing public goods: how representation and political power in local and regional institutions shape inequalities
Community foundations and new governance networks: three studies exploring the role of regionally-networked philanthropic organizations in local problem-solving
The local politics of education governance: power and influence among school boards, superintendents, and teachers' unions
Foreign-related activities of the Chinese local governments and agents of globalization: a case study of 31 provinces in mainland China
Form soliciting donations for the Pleebo Government School, Liberia, 1963
Pathways of local economic development: tales of cities in the United States and South Korea
The effects of interlocal collaboration on local economic performance: investigation of Korean cases
Cameroon-river. English trading store. Government buildings. Mechanical workshop. Joos 'plateau'. Government store-houses. Boathouse.
A framework for good local governance: achieving prosperity in an increasingly complex environment
COGIC England local officers & members manual, 1963
Government Square and Bismarck Fountain in Buea.
Government hospital, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1941
Christaller, Head of the Government School, with his wife and child, houseboys, and a subordinate teacher.
Court House and Government Offices, Labuan.
Effective governance: the impact of the Masters in governance training on school boards in California
Challenging migrant worker policies in Korea: settlement and local citizenship
View of Maseru, county seat of the English colonial government
Government station in Krakyo.
School board training: its effect on southern California governance teams
View from the government agency towards Lake Nyasa, Mwaya, Tanzania, [s.d.]
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