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"1034. La Fiesta de Las Flores, Los Angeles, Cal., 1903", postcard
"1647 - Bulletin Board, Chinatown", postcard, 1909-12-11
"225. A street in Chinatown, L.A.", photograph, circa 1898
"A Place of Worship", postcard, 1909-10-21
"Barracks for Repatriates" -- caption on photograph
"Camp Juarez Boys with Honor Flag Banner", lantern slide, 1927
"Carrying luggage and babies, long line of repatriates wends way over catwalk, last stage of trip from China where some have been in exile.  Others had never seen homeland."--caption on photograph
"Chinese Quarter, Los Angeles", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1882
"Families and friends of the Japs who departed by train line the platform to bid them good-by for the duration of the war.  There were 500 men in this contingent."--caption on photograph
"Fashion Afloat" in Wilmington, 1952
"Football" -- UCLA vs USC (Frosh), 1955
"Going Home -- Wearing beard, S. Yamashita lines up with other repatriates on deck.  He is 69 and said 'I go home to die'."--caption on photograph
"Hotel Somerville Lobby", postcard, 1928-09-26
"Japanese Labour Employed in Packing Oranges Produced in the Groves of Southern California", clipping, circa 1920s
"Japanese Line-Up for Trip to Japan -- Young mothers, their youngest slung on their back, wait patiently to board transport on which they will be returned to Japan."--caption on photograph
"Japs Who Pine for the U.S.A." -- caption on photograph
"Laying Water Line For Japanese Boom Town" -- caption on photograph
"Main complaint of the Japanese men is that they have nothing to do" -- caption on photograph
"Making Adobe Bricks at Casa Verdugo, / near Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, 1908-12-12
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Miss Sea Legs", 1958.
"On Way -- Here the Japs headed for the Nevada line and complete freedon, the crowded WRA station wagon passing through a military police sentry line.  The trip to Reno is made three times weekly...
"Orange Blossoms and Orange Picking", postcard, 1905-12-03
"Orange packing in California", postcard, 1913-07-10
"Pageant of the Indian crafts, second act", postcard, circa 1920s
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