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George L., letters (1954-1966)
John Von S., letter (1964)
The organizational life cycle and the adaptation process: A case study of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center
Undecidable cases:  Investigations into lyric modes and affective processes
Celebrate, honor, remember
Festival, nine days of performances April 27th-May 7th
Edwin F. Dakin, letters (1954/1962)
Arnold T. Schwab, letters (1959-1964)
Coleman declaration, 1989-10-04
Roe-1 declaration, [after 1989]
Pincu declaration, 1989-10-25
Licking our wounds
Hutman, Norma Louise, letters (1969)
Bruce P. S., letters (1966)
Robin Hart M., letters (1954)
Vernon M., letters (1956)
M. M., letters (1964-1965)
R. A. S., letters (1960-1961)
LeRoy S., letters (1955-1962)
Barbara H., letters (1959-1960)
Michael J., letters (1959)
John I. letters (1958-1960)
John Francis Hunter; Kay Tobin, letters (1970-1971)
Homophile Community Health Service, letters (1972)
Bruce R., letters (1960)
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