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Bridge leading to the mission hospital Moiyen.
Intracellular drug-drug interaction between nucleoside analogs leads to early virologic failure in HIV patients receiving triple nucleoside combinations of tenofovir, lamivudine and abacavir or d...
Competition And Concentration In The Brewing Industry
Electrowinning of lead from galena
An alley of coconut palms behind Mahé, leading to Chombala.
Mangalore. Balmattha seen from the road leading to the church.
The main entrance leading in from the Marinelaan.
Tarred road for cars and lorries leading to Mampong (Asante).
Street from Sokode leading southwards through the Government farm.
Stone steps leading to Kuling resort, China, ca.1910-1920
The street leading to the harbour in Bandjermasin.
Path leading away from St. Leonhard's church.
A pilot study of a global approach to assessing air pollution exposure in port communities: passive air monitoring of nitrogen dioxide concentrations
School-wide implementation of systems and structures that lead to increased achievement among students of color: a case study of a high-performing, high-poverty urban school
Insights into residential mobility and pricing of rental housing: the role of gentrification, home-ownership barriers, and market concentrations in low-income household welfare
Paleoenvironmental and paleoecological trends leading up to the end-Triassic mass extinction event
Energy Band Structure Of Lead-Sulphide, Lead-Selenide, Lead-Telluride, And Tin-Telluride
Delinquency concentrations in the city of San Diego
Street scene in Mangalore. Hampana Katta. On the left the street leads to the Bazaar, on the right it leads to the seat of the Bishop of Mangaore.
Roller load distribution in a bearing with concentrated external load
Street leading from the Bazaar to the landing-place in Honor.
Man leading a dogsled through a snowy forest, Canada, ca.1920-1940
Missionary fathers leading a pair of oxen dragging a log, Canada, ca.1920-1940
The road leading from the station to the town, Motihari, India, ca. 1906
Leading an elementary school dramatics club.
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