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Elephant's lower jaw bone, ca.1920
Head of a rattlesnake with its jaws extended, ca.1920
Lock-jaw sufferer with family, Nigeria, ca. 1925
Upper jaw of an elephant skull, ca.1920
His jaw drops with astonishment.
Elephants' jaws under a fetish tree in Abetifi.
Fgfr2 regulates cell fate at the interface between tendon and bone
A swelling of the saliva glands of the lower jaw which weighed 800 gr. before the operation on 18th December 1936.
Fluorescent imaging probes of nitrogen-containing bone active drugs: design, synthesis and applications
Fluorinated probes of enzyme mechanisms
The creation of a novel full-coverage orthognathic surgical splint utilizing 3D printing & virtual surgical planning
Crystal Growth And Electrical And Optical Properties Of Gallium-Nitride Semiconductor Single Crystals
Comparison of cortical bone thickness between second premolars and first molars in the maxilla and mandible in four ethnic groups
Neuron unit arrays and nature/nurture adaptation for photonic multichip modules
Pasadena City College fight victim, 1952
Development and evolution of skeletal joints: lessons learned from studying zebrafish
Skin diver, 1958
Benedict slugged by Aragon, 1958.
African woman with a large tumor in her face, Isoko, Tanzania, 1929
Male skull and teeth of Indian cliff dwellers, 1895
Portrait of Juan Foster, [s.d.]
Portrait of Maria Antonia Machado de Reyes, [s.d.]
Beach scenes, [s.d.]
Portrait of a Yuma Indian man wearing a turtleneck sweater, ca.1900
Composite of Santa Catalina Island fish being ridden by two children, [s.d.]
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