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Language school in Beijing
Language school in Beijing
Language school in Beijing
Alfred Hansen at a language lesson. 1926
Biram Hasdak' : Language teacher of Børresen and Skrefsrud
The language school in Peking, 1926. One of the rooms
The Language School for missionaries, Bangalore, South India, December 1913.
Up to code: geopolitics and its influence on cultural production on the Internet
Kathmandu, Nepal. UMN's Language and Orientation Program, LOP. Berit Daugaard Hansen with a Nep...
A penta-dimensional longitudinal analysis of the predictors of compulsive internet use among adolescents using linear mixed model (LMM)
Rev. Koelle's language teacher.
Madras, South India. Missionary Knud Heiberg taking language lessons from the Brahmin Narasunba...
The language school in Peking with the Sunday school children outside. Photo used in 1947
Father Alberto Modonesi, head of the language school Dar Combomi, Cairo 1996
Mr. Biswanath, the language teacher of UMN Missionary Tove Madsen, Kathmandu, Nepal 1982.
Expression of identity: Maori Ta Moko and the utilization of the internet
The Internet middlemen: targeting intermediary firms as gatekeepers in the online economy
At the language school in Beijing. Høgsgaard, Frimer-Larsen Christiansen, Miss Zollhöfer, Miss....
Students from the language school Dar Comboni visiting Coptic Orthodox church, St Mark's Cathed...
Tamil Nadu, SDouth India. Mr Abraham, Head of the language school at Kodaikanal, with wife and ...
Kathmandu, Nepal. The UMN Language and Orientation Program, LOP. DSM/UMN Missionary Berit Dauga...
Gjertrud Kathrine Andersen with language teacher. Language studies in Madras 1909-1910. Married...
Street trading using sign Language in Neak Loung
Missionary Anders Larsen. Language studies 1892. Bethesda, Kallakurichi. 1893-1908.
The Bible is translated into tribal language, May 2001
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