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Emerging practices for a changing world: a case study of 21st century learning
Da zdravstvuet vechnaia, nerushimaia druzhba...
Raznykh narodov syny krepkoiu druzhboi sil'ny
V edinstve -- sila! Pobeda -- v bor'be!
Miru -- mir!
Indiitsy i russkie -- brat'ia!
Dobroe utro, Afrika!
Iz pokoleniia v pokolenie krepite druzhbu narodov SSSR!
1 maia -- den' solidarnosti trudiashchikhsia vsego mira!
Pervoe Maia. Da zdravstvuet prazdnik trudiashchikhsia vsekh stran!
Proletarii vsekh stran, soediniaites'!
Da zdravstvuet bratstvo vsekh narodov Kavkaza!
Pervoe Maia 1920 goda. Cherez oblomki kapitalizma k vsemirnomu bratstvu trudiashchikhsia!
What strategies do urban superintendents utilize to address global challenges in the implementation of 21st century skills
Assessing the effectiveness of transnational activism: an analysis of the anti-whaling and anti-sealing campaigns
Making meaning: using constructivism to understand students' relationship to engineering
The use of cognitive task analysis to capture expert instruction in teaching mathematics
Market failure mentality in Japanese industrial policy: case studies of robotics and aircraft industries
Wellbeing by design: creating a health promoting campus through a student wellbeing index survey and campus master plan
Improving math achievement among fourth graders at Al-Corniche Primary For Girls: a gap analysis
Preparing the next generation of global leaders: how principals in international studies high schools promote global competence
Improving exempt nurse leader work-life balance: an innovation study
Walking away from the game: a phenomenological study on student-athletes career transition
Reflective practice and pre-service language teacher preparation
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