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"Dad's Market at 721 E. Third St., L.A.", photograph, circa 1900s
"Families" & "Harry Selfridge" from Chicago Sunday Tribune, 1904-05-15
"In preparation for their removal to reception centers and employment projects in the interior.  Japanese aliens and Japanese-American citizens are pictured registering at downtown office."--capt...
"Interior Sing Fat Co. Oriental Emporium, 615 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, California", postcard, circa 1900s
"Interior view of the Asia Company Department Store in the Japanese quarter of Los Angeles."--caption on photograph
"Orange packing in California", postcard, 1913-07-10
"Packing oranges, Southern California", postcard, circa 1910s
"Sierra Flyer" end of run, Southern California, 1934
"Sing Fat Co., Inc., Los Angeles, Hill St. interior, Art Goods Section", postcard, 1912-12-25
100 Market Street photos, Venice, Calif., 1988
1021 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA, 1926
1026 South Harcourt Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1926
1128 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1929
1238 Westchester Place, Los Angeles, CA, 1930
A Statical Analysis And Structural Performance Of Commercial Buildings In The Northridge Earthquake
A Finite Element Approach On Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Equations
An Analysis Of Technical And Liturgical Aspects Of Lighting In Sacred Christian Spaces
Superinsulation Applied To Manufactured Housing In Hot, Arid Climates
Complementarity Problems Over Matrix Cones In Systems And Control Theory
The Momo Store
The Mueller-Lyer Illusion: A New Variant, Some Old And New Results
Shading Mask: A Computer-Based Teaching Tool For Sun Shading Devices
A Thesis
A Study Of The Solution Crystallization Of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Using Dynamic Light Scattering
The Harnettian Mode: Life And Still Life
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