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"Man from Mars" Bandit Inquest, 1951
149. Live program hosted by Lipton of poetry, music & talk, 1959-10-31
The faces of Janus:  English -language fiction by German -speaking exiles in Great Britain, 1933--1945
The County Grand Jury And The Public Schools Of Southern California
Accidental shooting of husband inquest, 1951
Adler inquest (accidental shooting), 1958
Anastas Inquest, 1951
Arcadia bus crash inquest, 1959
Baby Margaret Harrison inquest (coroners), 1958
Bates Inquest, 1952
Bates Inquest, 1952
Bice inquest, 1951
Blevins Inquest, 1957
Boy kills brother inquest, 1951
Brotherton inquest, 1952
Callaway inquest, 1951
Catherine Ann Carver auto death inquest, 1953
Chad Nelson inquest (went beserk -- ran in front of auto), 1958
Donald Clark inquest (morphine poisoning at Mission Hospital, Huntington Park), 1953
English biography during the Restoration period
The ideological foundations of medieval art
The role of the lawyer in public administration
Drunk driving and manslaughter inquest, 1958
Edwards inquest (murdered in Torrance Theater), 1957
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