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Property and inheritance rights of women in twelfth‐ and thirteenth‐century Japan
Exorcising Shakespeare: intertextual hauntings, lethal inheritance, and lost traditions
To the right / right: Minna Bolwig. In the middle / center: Ellen Nielsen.
Representatives in 1978: right Harry Rasmussen
The psychological aspects of Jesus' religious inheritance
National identity and the right to self-government
Property and democracy: authority in four American property-rights regimes
Women's Property Rights in California, pamphlet, 1929
Leribe mission station and the church (on the right)
DMS's birthday 17 June 1995. To the right is Helga Olesen and no. 3 from the right Esther Hendr...
Representatives in 1977: right Karen Herlufsen born Sindal and left?
Kirsten Schmidt (right) with two Project Western Youth volunteers.
Mission across borders. Left Inger Kristensen, right Ellen Margrethe Christensen
In the second row far right is Ellen Nielsen. In the third row as number 6 from right stands Na...
The underdevelopment of India's Muslim minority: an institutional analysis
[A bridge right in the middle of a forest]
The divergence of the economic fortunes of Hindus and Muslims in British India: a comparative institutional analysis
Children's Camp, København, Sct. Annæ, 1994. Pastor Socrates in the right side of the picture.
Landsstævne 1982 Ronne, to the right is Pastor Samson Amos with?
Lands meeting in 1984 in Kolding, former national secretary Peter Jorgensen (right)
Lands meeting in Assens. To the right is Bishop Munchi Tudu, NELC
DMS board meeting in August 1982. Far right: Finn Allan Ellerbek.
Representatives in 1979: From left ? and to the right Elisabeth Sorensen
Danish Missionaries at Kotagiri, South India. Agnethe Rascher (left) and Kätchen Hauge (right).
Arcot, South India. Vaccination at Vriddachalam.To the right: Mr Chengani.
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