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Property and inheritance rights of women in twelfth‐ and thirteenth‐century Japan
Law courts, in Douala
Mr S W Law and local people, India, ca. 1930
Exorcising Shakespeare: intertextual hauntings, lethal inheritance, and lost traditions
Nzi Mofen, a brother-in-law of King Ndjoya.
King Ndjoya's son-in-law with his wife.
Law Court, Mombasa, Kenya, ca.1893-1920
Where there is discretion, should law enforcement officers at the local level be involved in enforcing federal immigration law? a study for consideration
Law Courts, Lagos, Nigeria, ca.1920-1940
From Mulka's baptism on Shrove Sunday 1973. Mulka is Beihani's sister in law
Baptism in Aden, 1973. Pastor Beihani baptize his sister in law, Mulka
The underdevelopment of India's Muslim minority: an institutional analysis
The divergence of the economic fortunes of Hindus and Muslims in British India: a comparative institutional analysis
The psychological aspects of Jesus' religious inheritance
Voluntarism in law enforcement
The By-laws of the Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God in Romania, 1951 = Statutul Cultului Penticostal-Biserica lui Dumnezeu Apostolica din Romania din anul 1951
The By-laws of the Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God in Romania, 1947 = Statutul Bisericii lui Dumnezeu Apostolice-Penticostale din Romania din anul 1947
Pombure, daughter of the King's son-in-law, in Cameroon
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel while harvesting.
Ancient African history. Ancient givers of law
A wife of Nzi Tonkuo, a son-in-law of the King.
Legal spectres, narrative ghosts: mothers and the law in the Victorian novel
The Americanization Of The English Common Law, 1776-1835
Media training:  Shifting roles, key findings and immutable laws
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