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Clinical trials driven by investigator-sponsors: GCP compliance with or without previous industry sponsorship
Ukrepim industrial'nuiu moshch' Sovetskogo Soiuza!
An outline for coordinators of industrial arts.
Page Normal Industrial and Bible Institute, booklet?, [s.d.]
Market failure mentality in Japanese industrial policy: case studies of robotics and aircraft industries
Saints Industrial bookstore, 1974
Seventh Annual Institute of Industrial Relations (Insurance panel discussion), Statler, 1954
Seventh Annual Institute of Industrial Relations (Insurance panel discussion), Statler, 1954
Exterior of Community Rehabilitation Industries, Long Beach, 1986
Saints Industrial Faith Hall, 1974
Saints Industrial teachers, 1977
A unit guide-book for students in exploratory industrial arts courses.
Saints Industrial girls leaving chapel, 1974
USSR. Soviet Trade and Industrial Exhibition
A sequence in the industrial arts electricity and electronics program of studies for a secondary school system.
Benefits-risk frameworks: implementation by industry
Eagles football team, Saints Industrial College, 1963
Saints Industrial boys leaving chapel, 1974
Emma F. Bradley Davis Barron and the Page Normal and Industrial School, Hearne, Texas, 1927-1942, photographs, [s.d.]
Faith Hall graduation ceremony, Saints Industrial, [s.d.]
Student choir at Saints Industrial School, [s.d.]
Unidentified members Saints Industrial cafeteria, [s.d.]
Unidentified members of Saints Industrial band, 1974
Social gathering at Saints Industrial, [s.d.]
Dedication of Mallory Hall, Saints Industrial, [s.d.]
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