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Excavation of a sand hill near the site of the Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant in Los Angeles, June 4, 1936
Construction workers building a decanter for the Department of Public Works Terminal Island Sewage Treatment Plant, 1930-1939
Department of Public Works construction on a sewage treatment plant at Harbor Boulevard and Bonita Street, [s.d.]
Riverside County Emergency Treatment Services failing patients and doctors
Gene therapy for the prevention and treatment of leukemia
Low-income, minority cancer patients who drop out of depression treatment
Close the health gap: improving patient access to psychiatric treatment through primary care and telepsychiatry integration
Dopamine dependent: examining the link between learning and treatment-resistant depression
Mrs Bodding's polyclinic in Mohulpahari, and patients waiting for treatment
Nepal 1995. Healthpost involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
Santipara Leprosy Centre, Assam, North India, founded in 1939. The treatment building with pati...
From a hospital in Nepal. A sick child arrives for treatment.
Nepal 1995. Health clinic involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
UMN, Nepal. United Mission Hospital Tansen, 1989. From a treatment room of the Surgical Departm...
Digester tanks at Hyperion sewage treatment plant, Los Angeles, 1953
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Addressing federal pain research priorities: drug policy, pain mechanisms, and integrative treatment
A mobile clinic used for the outreach treatment of leprosy in 19 villages around Vadathorasalur
Unexpected medical treatment, Sichuan, China, 1926
A comparison of treatment time and number of appointments in active self-ligating brackets and conventionally ligated twin edgewise brackets
Hyperion sewage treatment power and blower plant ending construction, Los Angeles, 1950
Hyperion sewage treatment power and blower plant under construction, Los Angeles, 1950
Post-treatment analysis of the glare remediation of the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Patients who arrive for treatment at Vadathorasalur Hospital, Arcot, South India. Used in: Dans...
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