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Learning multi-annotator subjective label embeddings
Computational modeling of human behavior in negotiation and persuasion: the challenges of micro-level behavior annotations and multimodal modeling
Schoolgirls [... Cf. annotations].
Computational models for multidimensional annotations of affect
Gambar: January 1937. (See rear [=annotations]).
Public diplomacy in global health: an annotated bibliography, 2015
Hampatong [... Cf. annotations].
Holy pots (Rungan) [... Cf. annotations].
Pantar in Rahantang [... Cf. annotations].
Am elevated grave [... Cf. annotations].
Mrs Göttin, Mrs Schweitzer  [... Cf. annotations].
Mrs Göttin and Mrs Schweitzer [... Cf. annotations].
Improving modeling of human experience and behavior: methodologies for enhancing the quality of human-produced data and annotations of subjective constructs
The interpreter in Paraperi with [... Cf. annotations].
Children playing in the garden [... Cf. annotations].
The Göttins travelling to Nangabulik [... Cf. annotations].
Post in Kandan (above Sampit)  [... Cf. annotations].
Automated negotiation with humans
Children of the Maria Magdalena home (see rear [=annotations].
Detection, classification and functional annotation of mouse L1 retrotransposon promoters
Place for sacrifice to the ancestors [... Cf. annotations].
Leprosy home Chevayur (Kalikut). Women's house [... Cf. annotations].
Three orphan girls look after the babies (see rear  [=annotations]).
Elephant taking its midday meal (for explanation see rear  [=annotations]).
Little house for offerings, and behind Sangkavajah [... Cf. annotations].
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