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Stella Rush, Harry Hay, and Jim Kepner
Stella Rush, Harry Hay, and Jim Kepner
ONE meeting/east coast conference
A gay dance
Albert G. Cohen, letters (1972)
Alfred H., letters (1958-1959)
An Introduction to Homophile Studies class description, 1956
Anonymous, letters (1964/1970)
Anthony Grey, letters (1963-1970)
Barbara Grier, letters (1965-1989)
Betty Hastings, letters (1968)
Blanche M. Baker, letters (1959)
Bruce R., letters (1960)
Byron H., letters (1958)
C. L., letters (1964-1965)
Charles R., letters (1958-1960)
Clark L., letters (1966)
Conference on gay liberation at Rutgers Univ.
Craig L. Rodwell, letters (1962-1967)
David F., letters (1967)
Dennison N., letters (1959-1965)
Der Kreis, letters (1965-1967)
Don L., letters (1954-1969)
Donald B., letters (1967)
Donald Webster Cory (Edward Sagarin), letters (1953/1967)
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