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Splash event in Hippie Hollow
Three men at Hippie Hollow
Splash 95 participants in the water at Hippie Hollow
Seoul National University's "Creepy Hollow", 2008
Men taking honey from a hollow tree, [s.d.]
Maintaining historic integrity and solving a rehabilitation dilemma: the history of hollow clay tile and an argument for its preservation
The hollow-point bullet, 1975-09
The wounding power of the hollow point bullet, 1977-06
Theoretical and experimental investigtion into high current hollow cathode arc attachment
Man hollowing out a large log, Solomon Islands, Oceania, 1938
River crossing point for boats made of hollowed out tree trunks, Ivondro(?) near Toamasina, Madagascar, [s.d.]
Pastor Ralaivao Joseph at village visits in Antalaha District. He sails in a hollowed tree trun...
Stand of Redwood Trees in Del Monte, showing a hollow tree at left, ca.1920
Man blowing hollowed horn outside a thatched building, Madagascar, ca.1920-1940
Man on horse standing in the opening of a hollowed-out fallen giant sequoia, a Big Tree in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, California, ca.1900
A spirit is venerated in a hollow tree.
A hollow way where the soil has been washed away by rain.
A blacksmith's shop in Pahandut. In the background the bellows on two hollow pieces of wood.
A study of comparative hollow ware techniques in silversmithing.
Design of a continuous hollow girder concrete bridge.
Canoe builder in Bombe, working (hollowing out the tree trunk). In the background are sawn boards for the construction of the mission house.
Altar of a temple to the deities near Kutschuk. The temple has been built into a natural hollow in the mountain.
Sugar press seen from behind, with the pipe which takes the cane-juice and leads it to the hollowed-out place on the left.
Gold S. Silliman, 2 letters, 1776 Nov. 13 & 16 [part 1 of 2], to Mary N. Silliman
Optimal enzyme distribution in a hollow fiber reactor with substrate inhibited kinetics
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