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Mangalore. The workers of the printing press.
Speculating on paper: print culture and the German inflation, 1918-1924
Witness to welfare reform: How the print media in Southern California are reporting on the most significant shift in social welfare policy in 60 years
Recalibrating school security: measuring the adequacy of school security intervention and prevention strategies in comprehensive high schools -- a survey of high school administrators in Orange C...
The new printing press buildings in Mangalore.
Veranda of the printing press house.
Missionary Kugler working with the printing press.
High Court and Printing Press in Accra.
Riva, Ricordo di Lecco, 12 vedute, [Remember Lecco, 12 prints], booklet, circa 1945
John Somerville oral history, 1968
Cast for Amen History radio program, Southern California, 1934 [image 3]
Cast for Amen History radio program, Southern California, 1934 [image 2]
Cast for Amen History radio program, Southern California, 1934 [image 1]
Display on the history of literature, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1947
Negro History Week proclamation, 1956
Rethinking history curricula: an innovative history curricula for California's students
4D printing of self-folding structures using polystyrene film
Korean history.
Post card with printed text: "Santalistan. At the hospital yard in Benagaria".
Crafting legacies in print: Natsume Sōseki, intellectual networking and the founding of the publisher Iwanami Shoten in prewar Japan
Printed "thank you" card
Josiah Strong. (Writer In American History)
Andafiatsimo, NMS's first printing press, Ambohijanahary, Antananarivo, Madagascar, ca.1903
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