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East Jeypore, India. From a Khond village of the Bissamcuttack area. The women return home with...
The real-time editing system for virtual production and animated interactive project in real-time rendering game engine
Workers returning from the silk filature, Shanghai, China, ca.1920-1930
Noundi woman returns from the market, Congo Republic, ca.1900-1930
Christian women returning from the market, Congo Republic, ca.1900-1930
Pastor Dafaa on the first Sunday after his return from Europe, Ayra, Ethiopia, 1952
African women returning from the fields, South Africa, ca. 1933-1939
African men returning from a hunt, Matutwini, Mozambique, ca. 1896-1911
Medical Missionaries Niels Nielsen, 25 October 1933, immediately after returning from 196 days ...
Evangelization campaign or "Letsolo" from 4 till 11 September 1961 : return of the people and of the numerous converts
Group photo of families who in 1932 returned to Denmark (where mothers stayed with their childr...
Emmeline Berthoud's return in Valdezia, South Africa, ca. 1905-1906
Missionaries from Manchuria, China. Returned after 2 World War. From left: Helen Madsen, Anna B...
A complete time-harmonic radiation boundary for discrete elastodynamic models
The effects of time and space on health status of older adults in China
Higher-order correlation-based approach to modulation classification
Dr. Else Høilund (left) and Deaconess Lilly (Lily) Petersen (right) – after returning from miss...
The financial crisis: signaling a new order of communications
Higher Education Programs For American Indians At Selected Southwestern Colleges And Universities
Returning from fishing.
Rényi entropy and recurrence
Twins who had paralysis of the left and right hand due to leprosy. Their hands have returned to...
Market-state-based planning for nation-state style prosperity: reinventing the higher "promise" to create a "win/win/win" for California
An empirical analysis of the quality of primary education across countries and over time
The perceptions of faculty and administrators of remedial mathematics education in two higher education institutions
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