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External bracing of existing buildings to reduce drift under lateral load
Performance into pedagogy: Anna Halprin, Allan Kaprow, and Alison Knowles' score-based events in experimental arts education
Translating Chinese poetry: Bei Dao as a case study
The Arab fishmonger Mohammad Hussain al-Beihani is a significant personality. He was baptized i...
Deformation patterns and subduction behavior of continental lithosphere: effects of rheology, surface processes, and material parameters
Beyond Michael Phelps: How can USA swimming promote the sport in the post-Phelps era?
Louis C. Senger, letter, 1900-10-09, to Hamlin Garland
George Kennan, letter, 1921-02-19, to Hamlin Garland
Anna L. Thompson, letter, 1922-12-04, to Hamlin Garland
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1928-05-16, to William Ellery Leonard
Henry Blake Fuller, letter, [s.d.], to Hamlin Garland
Caroline E. MacGill, letter, 1937-11-17, to Hamlin Garland
Floyd B. Logan, letter, 1934-08-20, to Hamlin Garland
Stewart Edward White, letter, [no year]-09-10, to Hamlin Garland
Servant of the Church, Romans 16:1, Circular letter
Report about the incident in Apatin
Aquarius, a private club
Rox [Bagley?], letter, 1968-04-10, to Patricia Wilson
Tak bol'she ne budet
Tandroy funeral, in Madagascar
Moslem ahung (religious leader) from Henan province, China, 1936
Outdoor class taught by Harwood Bible Training School student, Fenyang, Shanxi, China, ca.1936-37
Homologies, chain complexes, and the shape of data
Interactive versus self effort: untangling the cognitive elaboration -- learning relationship on internet discussion forums
The at-risk student perspective of education in an alternative education program
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