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Compression artifact removal and inverse halftoning using robust nonlinear filtering
Booklet of postcards Societe Cooperative Vigneronne des Grandes Caves Richon-le-Zion et Zicron-Jacob, Palestine, ca.1900
Chamber of Commerce magazine cover, Tire making at Ford factory, Southern California, 1934
Chambers Baird, misc. documents, 1896-03, to Hamlin Garland
Chevrolet halftone truck, Southern California, 1930
View of Mission Santa Barbara before a second story was added, ca.1897
Adobe guard houses at Santa Cruz Mission, [s.d.]
Mission Santa Cruz, partly restored after earthquake of 1866, [s.d.]
Exterior view of the Richelieu Hotel, 120 [142?] S.  Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, ca.1950
Artist's rendering of a view of a railway station, showing a Southern Pacific rail car, [s.d.]
Color halftone illustration of the Old River Station, depicting the era from 1882 to 1912, [s.d.]
Hugo Reid Adobe at Rancho Santa Anita, ca.1900
Half-tone pring of a portrait of Señora Concepcion Lopez de Palomares, daughter of Claudia Lopez Palomares, Pomona Valley, ca.1870-1879
Halftone print depicting men posing outside the Turnverein Club on Figueroa Street, September 3, 1905
Exterior view of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, ca.1880
Communist party membership book page, 1935
Copy of halftone, Plantation Cafe, Southern California, 1928
Danger! religious bigots
Real-time nonlinear optical information processing
Engineering development of coherent Raman spectroscopy
Characterization of liquid crystal light valves and their application to real-time nonlinear optical processing
Algorithms and architectures for adaptive least squares signal processing, with applications in magnetoencephalography
Accurate edge detection for multiple scale processing
Nonlinear optical image processing with halftone screens
Wilson Willard Oil tools, Southern California, 1926 [image 4]
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